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Product Parts:
The product is made up with the integrated parts (solar panel, Li-Fe battery, LED, MPPT controller and human intelligence induction system) and the light pole.



Solar Panel

Mono solar panel, has high photoelectric conversion to 20%
Toughened glass and waterproof resin encapsulation,
strong and durable

LED Lamp

Warm White 2700-3200
Cool White 6000-7500

Motion Sensor

Can sense the movement of objects, and feedback
The information to the controller, adjust the lighting


Control of battery charging time, prevent excessive
charging, control the brightness of the light

Fe Battery

Famous brand, lifetime and safety

Frame and Support

High grade 6016 aluminum

Functional Characters
When motion of the all in one solar street light is detected the super bright LED's increase in brightness to provide an abundance of extra lighting for anyone in the area. After 30 seconds or when motion is no longer detected, the light drops down in brightness to conserve power. This intelligent feature allows the Solar LED street light to save power when no one is in range or utilizing the lamp, meaning a much longer run time than you would expect from a similar size solar lighting. The motion sensor is the practical way to enjoy brighter than normal light when extra lighting is needed.

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